Wolf Hunting

The Wolf is a very elusive animal and can test the skills of even the best of hunters.

The best time to hunt wolves is when there is ice on the lakes during the winter or early spring months. The wolves' main supply of winter food is deer so we look for the areas the deer are using. Wolves tend to favor crossing the lake and hunting the same general areas and these are the areas we wait for them. When you are set up in an area and a pack comes out it will give you an unbelievable thrill.

The deer population is high right now so watching the wolves runways is more productive than baiting them. The season is September 15th to March 30.Some Wolves are taken in the fall by Black Bear, Deer and Grouse hunters. Grouse and deer hunters run into them by chance where bear hunters sometimes see wolves at the bait stations feeding on scraps of meat.

If you are ready you can take them at no additional charge except licenses.

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