What to Bring:

Personal items should include:

  • warm clothing
  • rain gear
  • swimsuit
  • medicines
  • cell phone if required
  • pocket flashlight
  • camera
  • film
  • fishing equipment

    Identification & Border Regulations : Visit www.infonorth.net

    U.S. visitors require proof of citizenship: birth certificate, driver's license or a passport. You must have proof of citizenship and photo ID, but we strongly recommend a valid passport.

    When entering Canada, you are allowed to bring a 40 oz. bottle of liquor or a case of beer, plus one carton of cigarettes per person.

    No handguns or fully automatic weapons under 26 inches in length are permitted. All weapons of all types must be declared.

    If you are bringing children, other than your own across the border, be sure to bring a letter of authorization and proper ID.

    Note: A previous conviction for D.U.I could cause border crossing problems.