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That is one of the main parts to fishing success. To score big you have to be in an area where they grow big. Checkout a Lake of the Woods map and look for the Northwest side of the lake where Shoal Lake flows into Lake of the Woods. We are located in the Narrows connecting the two lakes. That spells big fish.

Lake records are way up there and if you were looking for trophy potential this water has it all. Good fishable water no matter the weather conditions. To be successful we fish both lakes.

Many of the guests are quite happy catching the abundant Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike within eyesight of camp. Catching 30 or more a day is common and last season the largest Smallmouth and Northern were 21" and 45". Lots of 4 pound plus smallmouth and largemouth are caught on top water and the action can be thrilling from May to October. Same thing goes for all the specie as we found it pays big dividends to fish the lake that is producing best for our targeted specie during the time you are here. A lot depends on the weather and wind direction too. Anytime we see a drop in the action on one specie another specie seems to take over. It very well may be a trophy Musky or Walleye so hang on!

The size limit for Musky was set at 54" a few years back and the action keeps getting better as almost all the fish are returned. The trips for walleye on the Lake of the Woods side always seem productive. An 11 pound walleye was caught last summer just north of Ash Rapids with daily limits of walleye being caught regularly. Lake Trout are a blast to go for on light equipment and so are Crappie. Although not mandatory , having a guide in this area greatly enhances your chance of consistent catches. Don heads the guiding service and hires good guides that will do everything to get you that once in a lifetime trophy, or just run the motor and make sure that everyone catches lots of fish. Also, it is sure nice to sit back and enjoy yourself and not have the responsibility of running the motor and keeping the boat positioned, watching out for obstructions, knowing the fishing regulations or just finding your way back to camp.

Fishing can be fun for the whole family. Just be careful you don't get shown up!

It is our intent for all our guests to have a great trip, a warm and comfortable stay and a great Canadian adventure. "Come as guests and leave as friends."