Grouse Hunting

The forests surrounding our lodge has many species of soft and hardwood trees and all the necessary growth to produce great populations of Ruffed Grouse. All you need to do is buy a small game license, grab a light shotgun or .22, and walk down bush trails and you will see grouse. Look for clover growing on the trails, slopes facing south on cool sunny days, or in windy weather low lying dry areas. Your eyes have to be sharp because our grouse prefer to use their natural camouflage and sneak away from the hunter more than taking to flight.

Duck & Goose Hunting

The Kenora area is host to all kinds of nesting ducks and geese. We also have millions of geese and ducks that fly right over us from nesting sites in the high arctic tundra. The area around the Labyrinth Bay Camp is loaded with wild rice marshes and the waterfowl will rain into them especially in years with high rice yields. Because of our location we often have ducks and geese flying right to us that haven't been hunted before.