Whitetail Deer Hunting

Welcome to our whitetail paradise hunt camp. In any direction from Labyrinth Bay Outpost you can be in a quality whitetail hunting spot within minutes. These hunts are in a proven big buck area and everyone hunting here should know and hunt like the next knoll holds the buck of their dreams.

By boat it is 23 miles to our island location right in the heart of deer country. We have three guest cottages with the biggest being our main lodge. They are very comfortable cottages, clean and have good beds so you can have a great sleep. The cottages are all fully outfitted for your convenience. Just bring your food and most everything else is here in the kitchen. Outside we have a propane barbeque and fish cooker. A hot shower and sauna after a hard days' hunt tops it all off. Listen to the eagles, timber wolves, loons, and watch the northern lights right from the deck. You will soon tell this camp was built here for the adjacent wildlife and fishery. To the hunter that means no big boat rides before hunting or crowded hunting spots when you get here.

These hunts are for "Real Outdoors People" looking to hunt trophy deer in a fabulous wilderness forested area with no roads and few hunters . If you fall into that category of hunter or even if you are a novice willing to learn the techniques that work, then you need to contact Don right away.

Depending on when you reserve your hunt you may have timber wolf, migratory birds, grouse and fishing seasons open. These you can do with the appropriate licenses. Usually what happens with timber wolves, is you see them while hunting deer. Grouse can be hunted on the many islands in the area away from the prime whitetail areas . Ducks and geese are hunted in the adjacent marshes. Fishing is excellent throughout our area and a couple hours fishing usually results in a fishmeal. These other species are secondary to the whitetail hunt but they are available to you at no additional charge if you are licensed and ready.

Don has been outfitting/guiding hunters in this area for over 40 years. He is there on every trip and tries his best at giving his guests the best hunting possible.

It is our intent for all our guests to have a great trip, a warm and comfortable stay and a great Canadian adventure.

"Come as guests and leave as friends."

  • Canadian Firearms Declaration Form:
    You can phone toll free 1-800-731-4000 and purchase a declaration form for $25 or download the form for free at Download CAFC 909 (PDF 323 KB)

  • Canadian Firearms Declaration Form Continuation Sheet:
    Download CAFC 910 (PDF 300 KB)

    Please Note: Do not sign your declaration form until the customs agent asks you to.

  • Ontario Outdoor Card Information: www.mnr.gov.on.ca

  • Ontario Hunting Regulations: www.mnr.gov.on.ca