Whitefish Fishing

There are great populations of Whitefish here. Actually, they are one of the main feeder fish for Muskie, Pike and Lake Trout and we would never have the awesome fishing that we have without the Whitefish. Just out from our island is the deepest hole in Labyrinth Bay and we often catch whitefish there. We don't have to go far and jigging seems to be the most productive method and jigging spoons the favorite bait amongst the fishermen fishing them.

We catch Whitefish all winter long through the ice. Fishing for Whitefish can be really good starting from early January until mid spring. Once the May Fly hatch is over, the whitefish head deep for the summer. At this time only the people fishing deep will get them.

Whitefish is a nice tasting fish and the limit is 25 with a sports license. It's a great fish to fish for if you want to take a mess of fish home.