Northern Pike Fishing

Shoal Lake and Lake of the Woods are famous for big trophy Northern Pike, which is why Ontario Out Of Doors Magazine named this water system the top Northern Pike and Muskie fishing destination in Ontario.

Northern Pike generally are not as big as Muskie but still reach 30+ pounds. Pike in the 30-40 inch range are caught and released on a regular basis. Pike 40-50 inches are considered trophies. If you work at it or are just lucky, lots of our guests catch trophy Northerns here yearly, weekly and even daily when they are biting. There are lots of smaller good fighting and eating Pike available in the numerous weedy bays and labyrinths close to camp. The big water on Shoal Lake or Lake of the Woods on a quiet day is a must do because of the size of fish caught there and their willingness to bite all summer long. If you do not know how to clean them just ask, Don will show you how to filet and care for them where they are boneless and just fantastic eating fish.

  • Season: Open All Year

  • Limit - Sport License: 4 in 1 day with only 4 in your possession

  • Limit - Conservation License: 2 in 1 day with only 2 in your possession

  • Size Limit: No fish between 27.5 inches and 35.4 inches - Only 1 over 35.4 inches