Largemouth Bass Fishing

There are lots of shallow weedy bays near our camp in Labyrinth Bay where you will catch lots of Largemouth Bass. Usually the sunny warmer days of summer brings on the better fishing for largemouth bass. Top water, spinner & buzz baits, and Texas or Carolina rigging rubberworms will take the majority of the fish.

The Largemouth Bass population has been growing in recent years and so has the average size. The average size now is in the 2 to 5-pound range but there have been 8 and 9-pound bass caught and released. With and the amount of areas with perfect habitat for Largemouth and the abundance of food it makes it likely that there are Bass over 10-pounds. This waterbody will produce an Ontario record some day.

  • Limited Season: June 1 to June 30 (Catch & Release Only)

    November 30 to May 31 Two bass under 13.8 inches

  • Full Season: July 1 to November 30

  • Limit - Sport License: 4 in 1 day with only 4 in your possession

  • Limit - Conservation License: 2 in 1 day with only 2 in your possession