Northwest Outfitters' Testimonials:


I can assure you, we all very much enjoyed our time at your camp with you and Billy.

Our entire drive home was talk of the trip and planning for the trip next year. We are trying to get a group of 6 to fill your cabin for you. I'm coming for sure even if I have to come alone, but that won't be necessary as I'm sure Matt, Jay and Steve are in. Jay, Steve and I have been hunting partners for years and have been on many hard core hunt so getting Matt's deer out was a no brainier for us. We were glad we could help him. I really have a great time hunting with them guys and hope you and Billy did too. They make me laugh. I had been thinking the same thing since you E-mailed about the spot that you have to canoe to that an earlier deer hunt with a bear tag in my pocket would be the way to go. I love to get back deep in the bush. I'll camp in my back pack tent for a couple of days at a time if I have to. We can plan that this winter.

I have to say that the hunt this year with you and Billy was my favorite so far. You really have a good thing going there and you both did a nice job for us. I hope the tip was acceptable to you both? I am going to send some more business your way as I always have people picking my brain for hunts to go on and places to go as they know I have went to many different places thru the years. I'm betting I can send at least 6 hunters your way to help fill your camp for you. Well, better go now. I had a great time hunting with you Don. Thanks for making our trip a success and I am looking forward to many more together.

Keep in touch

Hi Everyone,

Arrived home this past weekend from an amazing holiday in Kenora. Thought you might like to see a couple of pics.

The sunset was right off the dock at our cottage on the water as we sat enjoying the evening. It was spectacular to say the least. The "piece du resistance" was the bald eagle that flew by not 40 feet away from us, as we took it all in. The God's were certainly smiling down on us that evening ( :

The other pic is of my 35 1/2", 15 lb. northern pike I caught ( : Actually it hit on John's lure first, broke the line as it got greedy and went for mine. I managed to hook it and haul it in. Don was ever so kind to take the lures out of its mouth ( : This is just one of the many fish and tales we have to tell.

Talk to you soon
Carole & John

Don, I just wanted to thank you for a great time. I truly enjoyed the fantastic fishing and company. I would like to bring my sons to your camp sometime late May or early June of 2005. I am also interested in possibly having a business trip to your camp . I will probably do one or the other. How are you booked during this time? Please let me know the rates for the lodging and guide service. We will probably do our own cooking but would like to know the pricing of this service as well.

Again, it was great and quite relaxing. Thanks,
Jeff McGowan
Louisville, Ky 40223

Bristol - Myers Sqibb
Consumer Products Group-Canada
Northwest Outfitters & Outpost Camps

Dear Don,

This years fishing excursion, (passionately referred to us as, Fishing Frenzies), has marked our fifth trip to your camp. On each occasion we have been impressed with your attention to details, personalized service, excellent food and accommodations, and of course, superb fishing. To that end, our trip to your camp this year was outstanding !

As you know, apart from our obvious enjoyment of fishing, we have used this venue to build better and closer relationships with our key customers. This years guest was totally enthralled with the service you and your staff paid towards him.

This is a very positive reflection on our company. Our objectives were met, head on!
We would also like applaud you for the format you have created; one group, personalized service. Since only our party occupies your camp, the atmosphere created is conducive to "friends getting together", rather than a group of guests at a larger resort. Make no mistake though, the spectacular and breath taking wilderness that surrounds your camp is second to none.

See you next year, and the year after...

PS You can cut back on the food next year, I've gained five pounds this trip! I think it was that "Northern Surf & Turf"

S.L. Crawford Construction, INC.
Houston, Texas

Dear Don,
Thanks so much for a great hunt! My group had a memorable "first bear hunt" and we appreciate your hard work under tough conditions.

Enjoy the pictures and I'll see you in July!

Happy hunting!

Thanks, Steven L. Crawford
President - Dea Window & Door Co.

To whom it may concern:
Re: Professional Guide Service
Hunting and Fishing
Don Sauve

Dear Sir,

I, the undersigned, recommend Mr. Sauve in the area of guide as most capable and enthusiastic in the service to his client.

He is a hunter, sportsman, and conservationist in the best sense. His concern for the well being of his client and the success of the hunt, is commendable - a gentleman in all circumstances.
It is apparent his years of experience in the field, as a trapper, hunter, and fisherman, lend a professionalism to his efforts that justify the valuable time you would entrust to him.
As a past, and hopefully future client, I do not hesitate to endorse this recommendation.

Best Regards
John E. Dea

Clairol Canada

Dear Don,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you, our deepest appreciation for the excellent time shown to all of us during our recent Labyrinth Bay fishing excursion.

Your prompt and caring attention to our safe, enjoyable and successful trip was very much noticed. Judging by your informative answers to our numerous questions, your ability to put us where the fish were hitting, clearly indicated your knowledge of the area and the business.

I felt that some of the comments made by my friends on our journey home would be best shared with you.
"That place sure was better than those large resorts where every event fits within their time table. Who ever heard of a guide willing to take you out fishing as early as 5:30am and as late as 10:00pm !
"I got to send my wife there to properly learn how to cook fish"

"The only way he could have improved that authentic Northern Surf & Turf dinner would be to supply wine and candlelight". "After that, how can I go back to work?"

Once again I would like to thank you on behalf of Russ and Bob, and sincerely hope that we will be seeing you again next year. You can be assured that we will share this experience with some of our close friends. However, we trust you will understand if we don't tell many. Your camp should be a closely guarded secret!


Mark Berry
Jacksonville Fla

Dear Don,

Just a short letter to thank you for a great bear hunt and vacation in general. That outpost is more beautiful than you can tell anybody. Feel free to use me as a reference if you need to. I'm looking forward to doing it again in the near future.

Thanks again!
Mark Berry

Thank you for a GREAT TRIP !!

My father and I had a wonderful bonding week. You and your crew were more than pleasant. They went out of their way to make sure all of our needs were taken care of. Please hang this "HUGE FISH" on your wall. We will pull up your web page to see if my Dad makes it Big Time. We are still telling stories about our great time in Canada. Hope to come back in about a year.

Thanks again
Keith Bell
Atlanta, GA

p.s. I gained 15 pounds! Great food!!


I cannot thank you and Trevor enough for one of the best times of my life. The fishing was tremendous and the accommodations that you provide were outstanding. Not to mention that your shore lunch was the best I've ever had. The Pike was fabulous. Although I only spent three days at you facility, I found that I had more than enough time to see all the beautiful scenery. I saw my first Bald Eagle and some of the many other wildlife that is so abundant in the North Woods. I would recommend to anyone that if they like the outdoors and want to be away from the big crowds, that this is the place to go. It also helps that the fishing isn't bad either. Thanks for the wonderful memories and I will send the pictures of the trip as soon as I can. Give Fiddler a tap on the head from me and say hello to Trevor. I hope he recovered o.k. from the weekend. I know that I speak for everyone when I say it was one of the best times ever. We will definitely see you next year for another awesome adventure.
Once again thanks for everything.

P.S. Next year I'll bring a whole box of spinner baits, and kallins.

Mike Moore
Owner Elite Line-X
Huntley, IL 60142847-669-0993

Dan Johnson

I wanted to thank you again for the successful deer hunt. I green scored my buck and final score is an amazing 182 6/8 non- typical and 160 2/8 typical. It is a lot higher than I thought he was going to be. I am very interested in a hunt for next year. I am trying to get a group together, but if I don't I may come with the guys from Michigan. I have been showing the pictures to people and have had other people interested in hunting with you.

Thank you again.
ps... see the photos in the 2000 Photo gallery section, Don

Paul Hirth

Hi Don,
I just got home in New Jersey at about 10pm tonight. (My 2 bags arrived fine but unfortunately, my rod case did not, and there was no one in the Northwest service office so I have to wait until morning to notify someone). But I'm sending this off just to issue you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for providing me with a truly unforgettable time (cold fronts and all). Your camp is great: your service to us was beyond expectations, and the fishing, given the weather we had, was more than I hoped for.

If you'd pass this part on to Trevor,,,,"Hey, big guy, sorry about the rattletrap in the thumb, but you were an absolute gem of a guide and a friend to spend 4-plus days with. I thoroughly enjoyed your help, your enthusiasm, your attempts to do anything and everything to make our stay special and you accomplished that more than I could have hoped for (and my hopes were pretty high). When we come back, I'll hope the prior weather is stable for a while so we can hit those 'smallies' the way you guys described them to us. THAT will be an awesome time. Thanks again, Don and Trevor, for making this time in the life of one New Jerseyite so totally memorable. I thank you more than these words can say, but I wanted at least to try.

Lord willing, we WILL see you next year.

Be safe - catch a bunch - leave a few - and never lose that love and enthusiasm for what you do.



I wanted to thank you again for the successful deer hunt. I have had some of my pictures scanned in and am including them as an attachment for you to look at and print out if you want. I will be sending copies of some of my pictures to you very soon. I would appreciate if you would get me addresses for Randy and Trevor so I could send some to them also.

I green scored my buck and final score is an amazing 182 6/8 non-typical and 160 2/8 typical. It is a lot higher than I thought he was going to be. I am very interested in a hunt for next year. I am trying to get a group together, but if I don't I may come with the guys from Michigan. I have been showing the pictures to people and have had other people interested in hunting with you. Those group pictures really sell the hunt well. I guess that is it. Thank you again.

Dan Johnson/ 2000